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It’s that time of year again when the sun is shining and boats are out on the water at the Santorini, Greece! You may be considering buying a boat this year so you too can enjoy sea life just like everyone else. However, you may want to think twice before you go out and spend a lot of money buying a boat. There are so many great advantages of renting a boat in Santorini. Still not convinced?  Continue reading for three reasons you should seriously consider renting a boat instead of buying one.


At Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental, we ALWAYS provide the newest boats. In fact, we upgrade and trade in our boats every single year to ensure you are always driving the newest boats possible. Not only will you be able to ride in style with a new boat, you won’t have to worry about your watercraft breaking down. When you show up to hire a boat at Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rentals, your boat will be ready to go in perfect working order. To save yourself for more hassle, we will deliver the boat to you as well! It doesn’t matter where you are staying in Santorini, your boat rental will be waiting for you without you having to load, haul, or drop your boat in the water. Enjoy more time vacationing and less time messing with your boat when you rent a boat from Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental!



We offer the best boat rentals in Santorini with flexibility on how long you wish to rent your watercraft for. We offer half day rentals and all day rentals. Only pay for a boat when you use it. When you compare the upfront cost of buying a boat and how much time it actually reaches the water, renting is generally the cheaper option. Not to mention the cost of yearly maintenance, storage fees etc.




Nothing is more annoying than having to constantly do maintenance on your boat. Not only is there cost involved with keeping your boat up to specks, it takes time! Plus, if maintenance isn’t done properly, you risk your boat breaking down in the middle of having fun on the water. There is not much that will ruin a fun day on the water faster than when your boat breaks down. Why not let our team do all the work involved in owning a boat. When you rent a boat or jet ski at Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your worry-free vacation.

At Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental we ensure that you can get out and make the best memories out on the water! If you can’t afford to buy a boat this year, renting is defiantly the best way to enjoy Santorini this season. Even if you can afford to buy a boat, why not let us do all the upkeep of taking care of a boat. Plus, when you rent with us year after year you will always get to drive a new boat because we trade them in every year!

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