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Rent a boat in Santorini with us! Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental

Learning how to read a chart and handle a boat properly is probably one of the most crucial aspects of renting boats in Santorini for us.
We give this section particular attention by providing our customers with information that they would not have heard anyplace else.
We begin with the map, your options for travel, the outlook for the day’s weather, and any possible challenges you might face.
The briefing takes around 30 minutes and includes comprehending the map, followed by a detailed demonstration on how to maneuver the boat, lift and lower the anchor, life jackets, and utilize light and smoke flares.
We think it’s especially important that you comprehend the potential dangers of renting a boat. When you return in the afternoon, we want you to be entirely satisfied and not have to pay even an additional cent for any damage to the boat’s propeller or other components.
The briefing we provide continues to receive excellent feedback, and we add more details so that your experience will be exceptional and you will want to travel to Santorini and rent a boat.