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“Boats are pretty simple, I’m sure I will do fine. I’ve rented a couple boats and driven a couple jet ski’s” 


While we agree driving a boat is pretty simple, people still end up in trouble when they encounter the unknowns or over/under react in urgent situations. Lots of boat rental customers have extensive lake experience from back home but would like more information on the shallow coastal waters in the area, getting around sandbars and dealing with tidal differences. We want to assist people that are interested and enthusiastic about boating in achieving a competency they can build on to become a safe and experienced boater without hurting themselves or damaging any property. We enjoy taking people out and teaching them the practical applications to the information they may get from us.

In 30 minutes, we can teach techniques and apply procedures for maneuvers, navigation, docking, and anchoring safely in real time situations. It is beneficial to Santorini SeaBreeze Boat Rental as we hope to have better boaters as renters going forward that will be able to handle their boat in various situations, make better decisions, use proper boating etiquette in and around docks and sandbars, an in general be safer on the water.

Anestis and the team are patient, professional, and competent as boaters and enjoy teaching others. We look forward to our boat rental customers in Santorini being ready to enjoy their love of boating and fishing knowing they are practicing safe procedures, abiding by the rules, and are making great decisions as they go.